RK-36X BMW Motorcycle Relfective Kit: -- -- Fits the "X" embossed on the saddlebags lids of the R1200GSW


The BMW R1200GSW  Vario saddlebags have a beautiful X embossed onto each aluminum lid.  Take advantage of it.  The RK-36X Reflective Kit fits the "X" embossed into those lids, adding great lateral reflectivity and conspicuity.  Increase your visibility through intersections, in parking lots, wherever there's cross traffic.  An added benefit is that it takes the plain-looking lids on the BMW Vario bags and gives the bike some more visual character, even during the day.  Each Kit contains reflective to do both lids.   Toggle between the Normal (Daytime) photo and the Illuminated (Nighttime) photo to see the dramatic difference this kit makes in your presence on the road and how visible you are.