We've Got You Covered

The View From Behind
As motorcyclists, we know we're difficult to see among other traffic.  And sometimes, it's not just our slimmer profile.  People just don't look for us and don't see us even when they're looking right at us.  We've all had those close calls.  So we add driving lights.  We wear brighter gear.  We do things to protect us from the front.  But a great number of riders are rear ended every year.  Especially after the sun goes down, when we're even harder to see.  It almost happened to us.  TWICE!  So we decided to add some 3M reflective vinyl tape to the back of the saddlebags on our bike.  We carefully hand cut the vinyl into shapes that fit our saddlebags, and applied the vinyl.  

At night, our bike was no longer merely as wide as its taillight.  It was 4 FEET WIDE, and it had some serious "Presence" on the road!!!  When car headlights hit the back of our bike, it lit up like mirror!  Drivers backed off.  We could see a dramatic difference!  And we could see and feel the extra space they gave us on the road, at stops, and when changing lanes.  Our riding friends saw what we'd done and asked us to cut some vinyl for them.  Then our dealer wanted some for his other customers.  And before you know it, we'd purchased computers to help us design and fully digitize the reflective shapes, machines to precision-cut the vinyl, and had opened up a small business.  That was 22 years ago.

From those simple beginnings we've grown to become The Global Leader in Motorcycle Reflective Kits. 

When we started, we decided to use only the finest products in order to get the best results.  So we selected 3M world-class vinyl materials exclusively.  So much advanced safety technology, and with the patents to prove it.  And we're proud to say that our Reflective Kits are 100% American Made.  Design, materials, labor, even or own sweat.  It's all done here.  By us.

Our product lines are always growing.  If we don't have something for your bike right now, don't worry.  It's probably in the works.  Our goal is to make reflective kits for every motorcycle that has saddlebags.

It really feels good to be manufacturing products that make riding better for our fellow motorcyclists.  And even though no one will ever pull up to you and say, "Wow, if it wasn't for that reflective on your bike, I would have hit you," you know you're safer when you're more easily seen.  Our products have saved lives, prevented countless injuries, and simply helped ensure riders got where they're going.  And that's a great feeling to end with, every day.

Join us.  Be Seen.  Be Safer.  "Make Them Aware That You're There."