RK-39 BMW Motorcycle Reflective Kit: -- -- Fits the rear & sides of the topcase/trunk for the (2014+) BMW R1200GSW Adventure


Like the saddlebags, the topcase/trunk for the new R1200GSW ADV is different from the topcase of the previous 1200GS ADV.  This Reflective Kit fits the rear and sides of the topcase/trunk for the (2014+) BMW R1200GSW ADV.  This Kit is available in Black (RK-39B) or Silver (RK-39S) reflective material.  Both reflect back bright white when directly illuminated by a vehicle's headlights.  Toggle between the Normal (Daytime) photos and the Illuminated (Nighttime) photo to see the dramatic difference this kit makes in your presence on the road and how visible you are.