RK-28 BMW Motorcycle Reflective Kit -- -- Fits the saddlebags on the 2015 and later BMW R1200RS and R1200R


The new BMW R1200RS and R1200R are a super-agile sport tourer and lightweight super-handling sport bike that are as comfortable tackling the twisties as they are out on the open road.  Add the saddlebags, and you've got a nimble ride that will get you there on the byway as well as the highway, and carry all your stuff as well.  Install this Reflective Kit on the rear of the bags and it'll light up your bike from hip to hip, and really establish your presence on the road.

Toggle between the Normal (Daytime) photo and the Illuminated (Nighttime) photos to see the dramatic difference this kit makes in your presence on the road and how visible you are.