RK-527S: Silver Reflective "Checkers" Kit fits the Jesse Odyssey Top Case.


Our Silver Reflective "Chevron" Kit fits the Jesse Odyssey Top Case.  Silver 3M Reflective material shines back Bright White when illuminated by vehicle headlights at night.  Positioned just about at a car driver's eye level, it shines back directly and says, Back Off!  This kit is precision computer cut and comes with a top layer of application tape to hold all the pieces perfectly spaced.  Just peel away the backing paper from the adhesive side, apply the strip of reflective pieces on the clean outermost edges of your bags, rub down firmly, and peel off the top layer of application tape.  It's that easy!

If you're interested in this same kit, but in Red Reflective that shines back Bright Red, take a look at Kit #RK-527R.