RK-44R BMW Motorcycle Reflective Kit: -- -- Chevrons. Fits both the (2005 - 2013) BMW R12GS Adv and the (2014+) R12GSW Adv Saddlebags. 3M Reflective material appears RED both day and night!


For those who want RED reflective, as well as for those in Europe, the UK and Down Under whose traffic laws require Red Reflective, this Chevron reflective kit fits the (2005-2013) BMW R12GS Adv and the (2014+) R12GSW Adventure Saddlebags.  Because it fits the angled corners of the saddlebags, it reflects both to the rear and to the sides, making it perfect for extra conspicuity on the highway, in traffic, and for those important lane changes when you really WANT to be seen.  

This kit even comes with an overlay of clear application tape which helps keep all the pieces evenly spaced for a perfect fit.  Peel the paper off the adhesive side of the vinyl, line it up straight and rub it down.  Then gently peel the application tape off the top and you're done!