RK-31 BMW Motorcycle Reflective Kit -- -- Fits the Top Case on the 2015 and later BMW R1200RS and R1200R


Here's the new Reflective Kit for the Top Case on your new R1200RS or R1200R.  Mounted high, it delivers both rear conspicuity, and featured side reflective strips for added lateral conspicuity.  It's the perfect complement for the RK-28 Reflective Kit for your new 12RS or 12R saddlebags.  Add this kit by itself, or fully illuminate the entire rear of your BMW by adding this to your saddlebag Reflective Kit.  Top to bottom and hip to hip, you can really Be Seen and really establish your presence on the road.

Toggle between the Normal (Daytime) photo and the Illuminated (Nighttime) photos to see the dramatic difference this kit makes in your presence on the road and how visible you are.